NAFCA History

Nepalis and Friends Cultural Association (NAFCA) is a nonprofit and nonpolitical organization established in Davis, California, USA on September 5, 1998. NAFCA has been organizing various Nepali cultural activities, some of which are the Nepali New Year Celebration and Nepali festivals such as Dashain and Tihar. Other activities of NAFCA include publication of newsletters, Nepali language class, Nepali dance class, book, music and movie drive, and fundraiser dinner. NAFCA has been officially registered as a nonprofit organization in the state of California on February 4th, 2000. This association was formed to:

  • Preserve and promote Nepali identity and cultural heritage;
  • To strive to build a bridge between Nepalis and friends of Nepal;
  • To strenghen the bonds and friendly relations among individual, families and institutions;
  • To observe and celebrate Nepali festivals and New Years;
  • To organize special fund raising events;
  • To conduct meetings, seminars, and conventions regarding cultural issues in Nepal and America;
  • To promote knowledge and understanding of Nepali literature, culture and people.

In 1998, as the number of Nepalis and friends began to increase substantially in Davis, CA, the idea of forming a Nepali cultural organization began to take shape. The very first general meeting was held on January 31, 1998 at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Janaki Pradhan. The meeting was called to discuss the need, purpose, objective, and goals of the proposed organization. Historical meeting minutes (before NAFCA was established on September 5, 1998) from January 31, February 21, March 8, July 18, July 22, July 27, August 9 and August 19 illustrate how NAFCA was established. The chairman Mr. Pradhan congratulated the hardworking honorable members of all those who worked very hard on preparation of the constitution of the Association in his letter written on August 26, 1998

  • A Fictitious Business Name Statement was established on February 5, 1999.
  • The nonprofit Public Benefit corporation endorsment filed in the office of the Secretary of State of California Bill Jones was signed on March 26, 1999.