Update : Earthquake Relief Fund

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Hello, respected  donors,

NAFCA thanks you again for supporting the earthquake victims of Nepal. Our condolences to families affected by this natural disaster.

We would like to update you on your generous funds. We have collected $14,841.00 through gofundme and $6,938.00 through offline donations (cash and check). The total amount of funds collected as of 5/28/15 comes out to $21,779.00. We have already sent $21,481.98 (including gofundme service fee of $1,301.98 and bank wire transfer fee of $180.00) of your donated funds towards some of the districts. We will update you in detail after we receive further information.  Thank you.

Mahendra Bhandari,

    Treasurer,   NAFCA.

05 / 28 / 15