Fundraiser 2008: Nepal Flood Victims Fund

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NAFCA has raised so far approximately $627 for the flood victim of Nepal. Immediate emergency assistance is already on the way for up to 170,000 people in western Nepal who have been displaced by the severe flooding that claimed more than 30 lives earlier this month. Flash floods have affected over 24,000 families in the worst hit districts of Kanchanpur and Kailali. The NAFCA Executive Committee are grateful to the following friends and members of our community who deserves a great applause for their contributions to the flood victim of Nepal. Every dollar you donate will help towards the victims of flood and your donation is tax deductible as nafca is a 501c established non-profit organization. Those of you who haven’t yet contributed to flood victim fund, do your best to expedite. The last day is during Dashain 2008 Celebration.

NAFCA Contributions for Flood Victim of Nepal

Anup Srivastav/Rose Shrestha $101.00
Hari Prasad Chapagain $101.00
Ajay/Peggy Dev $51.00
Bijaya/Anjana Shrestha $51.00
Binayak/Aabha Sharma $51.00
Uddhav Giri $51.00
Ambar Baniya $50.00
Mark/Sashi Kaphle $30.00
Bhuban Khadka $25.00
Hari B. Shrestha $25.00
Mahesh/Chhaya Pandey $25.00
Santosh Chapagain $25.00
Khem Chaulagai $21.00
Ashok/Archana Bachar $10.00
Ram L.S. Tharu $10.00