Fundraiser 2008: Cyclone Victim of Bangladesh via AGAMI Foundation

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In January 26, 2008, AGAMI foundation organized a

 to raise money for the cyclone victim of Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s coastal area was devastated by a Category 4 cyclone in November, 2007 that struck with winds of 150mph and left more than 3,000 dead, 900 missing, and 40,000 injured.  Crops were damaged on more than 2 million acres of land, more than 1.25 million livestock were killed.  A human tragedy is unfolding in one of the poorest nation of the world as more than 8 million people were affected by this devastating cyclone. A charity multi-national concert organized by the Bangladeshis living in Sacramento and Agami, A US non profit 501 (c(3)) corporation was held on January 26, 2008. Six different countries took part for this worthy cause: Nepal, United States, Iran, Thailand, China, and Bangladesh. Juli Adhikari, Mili Adhikari, and Sabina Dhakal represented NAFCA by participating in the multi-national benefit concert/cultural program. NAFCA donated $275 (see reciet from AGAMI) plus raised about another $250 for the concert for the AGAMI foundation to help towards the Cyclone victims of Bangladesh.