Fundraiser 2007: Flood Victims of Nepal

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NAFCA has raised so far approximately $751 for the flood victim of Nepal. Flooding across Nepal has affected more than 300,000 people, mostly in rural areas of the Terai along the southern border with India. Floods, landslides and disease have already killed hundreds of people and more counting everyday in the Himalayan kingdom. Hundreds of thousands of Nepali people have lost their properties and belongings during this monsoon season in Nepal and an epidemic is ready to outburst in our Motherland. The NAFCA Executive Committee are grateful to the following friends and members of our community who deserves a great applause for their contributions to the flood victim of Nepal.

NAFCA Contributions for Flood Victim of Nepal

NAFCA Gift Card $250.00
Prem/Mira Rimal $100.00
Anup Srivastav/Rose Shrestha $51.00
Bimal Chhetri $51.00
Ajay/Peggy Dev $51.00
Ganga/Godawari Deo $51.00
Binayak/Aabha Sharma $51.00
Durga/Kalpana $51.00
Prakash/Bhuwan Pradhanang $50.00
Murari/Sharada Ojha $25.00
Ganesh/Mumta Pandey $20.00