Fundraiser 2007: Fire Victim Vaskar and Renuka Timsina’s Family

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NAFCA has raised so far approximately $1,106 for the fire victim Timsina’s Family. NAFCA regrets to inform that on August 16, 2007, one of our member from our Nepali Community: Vaskar and Renuka Timsina’s apartment burnt down in Woodland, CA. Fortunately, both of them and their daughter were not hurt. However, their apartment was burned heavily and they lost everything. The Timsina’s Family and the NAFCA Executive Committee are grateful to all the people who assisted the Timsina’s Family morally, physically, mentally, financially, and in any other ways possible during these tough times. The following friends and members of our community deserves a great applause for their contributions to the Timsina’s Family.

NAFCA Contributions for Fire Victim Timsina’s Family

NAFCA Gift Card $250.00
Surendra/Ishwori/Gajendra/Muna Adhikari $200.00
Prem/Mira Rimal $101.00
Anup Srivastav/Rose Shrestha $101.00
Bimal Chhetri $101.00
Basu/Devika Dhakal $101.00
Ajay/Peggy Dev $51.00
Ganga/Godawari Deo $51.00
Murari/Sharada Ojha $50.00
Prakash/Bhuwan Pradhanang $50.00
Shekhar Dhungel $50.00