Awards and Certificates Spring 2008

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NAFCA has grown substantially since it’s inception in 1998. In the past, appreciation and recognition for volunteer work was given verbally during events or in the NAFCA newsletter. As a progression of the growth of NAFCA the 2006-2007 executive committee felt it was time to give formal recognition to those people who have contributed significantly to the organization.

In April 2006, NAFCA started to give three types of recognition certificates – Outstanding Contribution, Noteworthy Contribution, and Appreciation of Participation. NAFCA also wanted to recognize those individuals who have made a substantial financial contribution/donation to NAFCA by giving certificates for Honorary, Patron, and Lifetime members. In this way NAFCA hopes to demonstrate our sincere appreciation and to memorialize what these individuals have done for NAFCA. NAFCA recognizes that many people have contributed significantly to the organization and we hope that in time all those people will receive their proper recognition.

The current NAFCA Executive Committee Members recognize all the hard work done by our past Executive Committee Members and would like to extend their sincere thanks to all those that have come before them for their hardwork and dedication. For more on the foundation of NAFCA, please visit our NAFCA history page.

Certificate of Appreciation:

Honorable Suresh Chalise Ambassador

For representing our beloved country Nepal and building strong relations between Nepal and the United States during this historical transitional period.

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution:

Mr. Ajay Dev

In Recognition of your Outstanding Contribution to NAFCA in serving as Executive Committee Member from 2006 to 2007; in creating and maintaining NAFCA’s website and for the dedication, insight and devotion that you have brought to NAFCA.

Certificate of Lifetime Membership:

Mr. Uddhav Giri

Mrs. Rose Shrestha

Mr. Basu Dhakal