Awards and Certificates Fall 2008

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NAFCA started giving Certificates in April 2006. In the past NAFCA has recognized the work and contributions of people in the organization through announcements in the Newsletter or during events. By giving Certificates of Recognition NAFCA hopes to give more formal recognition to the work that was done by certain individuals.

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution:

Mr. Gajendra Adhikari

In Recognition of your Outstanding Contribution of time, commitment and dedication to NAFCA and the teamwork that you have domonstrated throughout your involvement with NAFCA: Serving as an Executive Committee Treasurer and Special Advisor, coordinating Picnic Day participants and floats, and helping to coordinate NAFCA’s First Annual Camping event..

Mr. Sanjay Dev

In Recognition of your Outstanding Contribution of time, commitment and donation to NAFCA: being the Master of Ceremonies, coordinating and providing music for the Cultural Program and DJ Dance for Every Dashain and New Year Celebration; and your generous donation of stereo and sound equipment.

Certificate of Noteworthy Contribution:

Ms. Sabina Dhakal

In Recognition of your Noteworthy Contribution to NAFCA Cultural Programs; your dedication in performing for NAFCA and representing NAFCA at the Himalayan Fair, NANC Dance Competition, Annapurna Lyons Club, AGAMI Foundation Fundraiser and the ANA Conventions all of which promote NAFCA to the larger Nepali community throughout the United States.

Certificate of Lifetime Membership:

Mr. Nabaraj K.C.

Mrs. Muna Adhikari

Mrs. Shanti Poudyal

Mr. Vaskar Timsina