Davis Picnic Day Parade 2007

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NAFCA was pleased to participate in the Davis 93nd Annual Picnic Day Parade on April 14, 2007. Picnic Day is the largest student-run event in the United States and is the annual Open House for the University of California, Davis. This hallmark event has been designed to showcase and celebrate the richness of campus life, the diverse achievements of UCD students, staff and faculty to provide a day of education, information and entertainment to all who attend. There will be more than 150 events throughout the campus and we expect 50,000-60,000 visitors to enjoy this special day.

The parade was a grand success! This year we were able to add a float to our parade, which was decorated with Nepali blankets, flags, flowers and many people wearing a variety of traditional clothes to show the rich diversity of Nepal. NAFCA would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of the people who braved the rain and cold to participate in the parade. Despite the bad weather there were over 30 people representing NAFCA. They did not let the wet weather dappen their spirits, dancing, and smiling through the whole parade, even though they were soaked through. We received an outpouring of support with people clapping, and cheering all along the parade route.

Certificate of Appreciation for Event Participation:

The following people braved the elements to represent NAFCA and Nepal in the 93rd Annual Picnic Day Parade and were presented with Certificate of Appreciation for participating:

Adhikari, Gajendra Dev, Ajay Ojha, Murari
Adhikari, Juli Dev, Peggy Pandey, Birendra
Adhikari, Khusbu Dhakal, Dipendra Shrestha, Guru
Adhikari, Mili Dhakal, Sabina Shrestha, Lili
Adhikari, Pratik Dhungel, Sushma Shrestha, Rose
Adhikari, Prinam Khadka, Jitendra Srivastav, Anup
Bajracharya, Prajwal Khadka, Neeha Subedi, Aaditya
Bajracharya, Sanghamitra Khadka, Nihaal Tamang, Shanti
Bhandari, Mishan Khatri, Pavitra Raj Thapa, Gaurav
Chitrakar, Gita Khatri, Sardha Thapa, Gunjan
Deo, Dipsagar    

Thank You to:
Gajendra Adhikari for organizing the people from Sacramento to participate in the parade, helping to aquire the truck and providing the traditional nepali decorations, which made picnic day a very memorable and successful event.