Dashain Celebration 2006

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Dashain, traditionally is the most important festival in Nepal (which lasts for 15 days). Here we gather for one afternoon and evening to celebrate Dashain. Families and friends gather to partake or participate in traditional games, dance, music, and eat traditional food. The purpose of this celebration is to renew relations amongst the community as well as between the community and other friends of Nepal, and maintain cultural heritage.

Nepalis and Friends Cultural Association (NAFCA) celebrated Dashain on October 8, 2006 at Davis Veterans Center. There were many activities and Nepali cultural dances by our local talented artists. There were indoor games, raffle games, prize distribution, authentic delicious Nepali dinner catered by Kathmandu Kitchen, and a presentation of special recognition certificates. The Dashain Celebration ended with DJ dancing.

There were 143 paid adult participants and the total head count was over 220. This crowd was the biggest one we have seen in our program thus far.

See below for the Best Traditional Costume winners; a list of local talented Artists who participated in the Dashain Cultural Program; winner of the indoor Activities games, and a list of people who Donated items for the new years event and all those people who Volunteered their valuable time to make this event successful.

Thank You

Mr. Frank Wallace

Mrs. Shanti Poudyal

The NAFCA Executive Committee wants to extend their appreciation to Mr. Frank Wallace and Mrs. Shanti Poudyal for their time and commitment serving on the Executive Committee. Their term expires at the end of 2006.

Best Traditional Costume Adult:

Male: Mr. Basu Dev Dhakal

Female: Mrs. Devika Dhakal

In promoting our culture and to try and encourage more people to dress in the traditional dress, NAFCA executive committee decided to award Best Traditional Costumes since April 2006. While all the people who attended the 2006 Dashain Celebration looked wonderful, especially all the women, we could only give one award to each male and female and one award to each boy and girl. We should note that the women have been dressing in traditional dress for quite sometime and it is nice to see more and more children and men taking part in wearing the traditional dress at our functions.

Best Traditional Costume Kids:

Boy: Nimesh Ojha

Girl: Swikriti Shakya

Certificate of Appreciation for Event Participation:

The following local talented artists were presented with a Gold Cup Trophy and Certificate of Appreciation for Participating in Dashain 2006 Celebration:

  • Adhikari, Julie
  • Adhikari, Mili
  • Adhikari, Prinam
  • Bajracharya, Prajwal
  • Baniya, Purna
  • Baniya, Sandip
  • Baniya, Sudeep
  • Bhattarai, Aman
  • Bhattarai, Shushila
  • Dahal, Lila Mani
  • Dahal, Suman
  • Deo, Dinesh
  • Dhakal, Basu
  • Dhakal, Govinda
  • Dhakal, Sabina
  • Khadka, Neeha
  • Lama, Karma
  • Niraula, Niharika
  • Oleksiy, Kodush
  • Pokhrel, Swoven
  • Poudel, Dinesh
  • Poudyal, Prashanta
  • Shah, Neha
  • Shah, Niti
  • Sharma, Subas
  • Sherpa, Maya
  • Shrestha, Ashish
  • Shrestha, Ashu
  • Tamang, Shanti
  • Thoreson, Nita
  • Wagle, Prachi


The following are the winners of the 2006 Dashain Activities:

Boys Musical Chairs
Nihaal Khadka
Sabal Niraula
Pranab Wagle
Girls Musical Chairs
Mili Adhikari
Nehaa Khadka
Niharika Niraula
Boys Spoon Race
Pranab Wagle
Ashu Shrestha
Raunak Manandhar
Girls Spoon Race
Mili Adhikari
Anusha Bhattarai
Neeha Khadka
Womens Musical Chairs
Neeha Shah
Devki Dhakal
Gita Chitrakar
Mens Musical Chairs
Anand Dhakal
Jeetendra Khadka
Basu Dhakal

NAFCA Committee thanks all the Donors and Volunteers who made the Dashain 2006 Event a success.


Decorations: Prakash Poudyal, Ramakanta Baral, Peggy Dev
MC and DJ Music: Sanjay Dev, Rose Shrestha
Registrations: Raju Manandhar, Shahdev K.C., Tanka Bhattarai
Raffle Tickets: Sneha Dahal, Rimpy Saini
Photography: Rose Shrestha
Activities Organizer: Manju Tuladhar, Sarita Sah, Pragya Ojha


The following people donated paper plates, cups, water, napkins, spoons, forks and knives (~ $125.00)
Gajendra Adhikari, Govinda Bahadur Adhikari, Surendra Adhikari, Uddav Giri, Shahdev K.C., Jeetendra Khadka, Rabindra Pandey, Ganesh Bahadur Thapa, and Mahesh Thapa.