Deusi Bhailo 2005

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NAFCA raised approximately $3,000 during the deusi bhailo events held in late October and November 2005. The NAFCA executive committee is grateful to the participants and contributors and wants to thank them for their generous contributions. As entertaining as this celebration was it also served to raise funds to help support, promote and preserve the interests and welfare of the ...

Nepali New Year 2067

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Nepal observes the Bikram-Sambat (BS) calendar - a solar calendar started by King Bikramditya. The Nepalese New Year falls in mid-April. The New Year 2067 BS began on April 14, 2010. Nepalese people hope that the New Year will bring joy and happiness to their lives. NAFCA celebrated Nepali New Year 2067 Bikram Sambat on April 18, 2010 at Davis ...

Nepali New Year 2065

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In Nepal as in all countries, the New Year is celebrated in many different ways. The Nepalese calendar started by King Bikramditya is based on the solar calendar. Thus, the Nepalese New Year usually falls in mid-April. This year the New Year fell on April 13th. On New Year's day, Nepalis visit the Pashupatinath temple to take a bath in ...

Nepali New Year 2063

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In Nepal as in all countries, New Year is celebrated in different ways. The Nepalese Year falls in mid-April. This solar calendar was started by King Bikramditya. This New Year 2063 of the Bikram Sambat corresponds to the year 2006-2007. New Year's Day, which this year falls on April 14, 2006, is an official holiday in Nepal. On this day, ...

Dashain Celebration 2007

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Nepalis and Friends Cultural Association (NAFCA) celebrated Dashain on October 28, 2007 at the Davis Veterans Center. This was the most highly attended celebration in NAFCA's history with over 300 attendees. Everyone enjoyed a large and diverse cultural program, with many dances representing the diverse culture of Nepal, songs, musicians, and poems by our local talented artists; the traditional Nepali ...

Dashain Celebration 2006

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Dashain, traditionally is the most important festival in Nepal (which lasts for 15 days). Here we gather for one afternoon and evening to celebrate Dashain. Families and friends gather to partake or participate in traditional games, dance, music, and eat traditional food. The purpose of this celebration is to renew relations amongst the community as well as between the community ...